prosthetic nail

What is Prosthetic Nail? Who Can Get Prosthetic Nail?

What is Prosthetic Nail? There are different varieties such as acrylic nails, gel nails and dipping nails. Special gels applied on the nails, that is to say, are very useful prosthetic nails obtained by placing plastic nails on the nail tip after the protectors.

Ladies nowadays care about beauty and care. One of the innovations that emerged in the beauty sector with the development of technology is prosthetic nail applications. Prosthesis Nail process by using gel or acrylic system allows the existing nail to gain durability, long nail is made to appear.

It will help them to get rid of this habit for treatment of nail problems. Prosthetic nails provide great ease of use for women. Women who feel the need to have a continuous manicure saves a great deal of trouble.

It is easier to apply than laborious applications such as false nails and provides a more natural look. It even looks like one’s own fingernails. Prosthetic nails do not prevent the real nail from breathing.

It can be applied on the nail polish or even makes the nail polish more permanent. To gain an aesthetic appearance. For people with sensitive nails, nail breakage problems, roughness and cracking on the nails, prosthesis nails will be very effective. Prosthetic nail is an application that gives the person a healthy and aesthetic nail appearance. People who do not have any nail disorders can also have a prosthetic nail.

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